Paul as a driving instructor is brilliant. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive. He makes the experience of learning to drive an enjoyable one and makes you feel very comfortable in what you are doing. This is a quality that is definitely needed from an instructor but what you don’t always get.

If you are having an “off day” Paul is not one to criticise or become frustrated if you don’t perform as well, he helps you through it and gets you right back on track. All the qualities you need in a driving instructor, patience, like ability, and a person to make you feel comfortable and at ease yet also focused and determined to get you through your learning experience Paul has.

In my experience he has helped me through problems I have had with ease and always has the best methods to suit the type of person you are in tackling the problem you have. I am definitely glad I had chosen Paul as my driving instructor and couldn’t have had anyone better.

Dean – Stanfields